I reached toward obscure galaxies
Lifting my fingers to the sky
Like a lone, wizened tree

Amnesia's totem
Black sigils carved
Monstrous in scope:
Visible from space
Nightborne cities of gold
Ice and concrete
They can wither
And be overrun

Cloaked by an aura:
I know I will die
Utter powerlessness

Constellations awry
A nauseating spiral
From well to well

But here, in the ephemeral
I cannot see far
Surrounded by immediacy
Myopia unbound
Here, in the ephemeral
I cannot see straight
Existence in worthless chunks
Intuition scratched aside

A flint dagger, once used to pry
Now used to obscure and maim
I point accusingly at the uncaring sky

Eschatological exceptionalism
For a brief moment, I forget that I will die
A contumelious de-realisation

An ex cathedra credo of deep power
(Simultaneously, shortsighted onanism)

(c) D. Nahum 2016


from Remember That You Will Die, released February 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Remember That You Will Die Australia

A contumelious derealisation.


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