Addicted to demise
Endless grey murk
Sat heavy upon undulation

The hominid weaklings
Fail to perceive, fail to act

A simulacrum of virtuousness

The stone is cast
Vapour writhes in its wake

A surface seething gently
Dark emerald and sickly pale
Far below that, anguish
Crisis surges from the depths

Seasons whirl
Gradually blackening
The process accelerates
Action and reaction

Inviting to despoiling

You claim 'eerie prescience':
I laugh at your aggrandisement
Things have always been thus
You just failed to notice until now

If I said that existence is Cartesian
You would say: no, my experience is not
If I am bereft, a new lover does
Not make me who I was before

Bone dice have been rolled
Reversal is impossible
Forfeited mechanism
The arrow’s oncoming
Or poisoned boulder
Picking up speed
Your self-deceit punished
By inexorable energy

Your preference is of no consequence
The skeins have been plotted

When this has been expropriated
And all has been expropriated
And your endowment has been abolished
Then you will know the wealth of my cruelty

Lyrics (c) D. Nahum 2016 


from Remember That You Will Die, released February 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Remember That You Will Die Australia

A contumelious derealisation.


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