Remember That You Will Die

by Remember That You Will Die

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released February 4, 2016

C. Altena - Synths
T. Binetter - Riffs
D. Nahum - Blasts / Words
M. van der Velden - Breath
T. Raiss - Depth (session)

Guitars and Drums recorded by A. Worboys at Adversary Studios, Sydney Australia.

Vocals, Synths and Bass home recorded by the performers in the Netherlands and Australia.

Mixed and Mastered by K. Neist at Metalworx, Canberra Australia.

Artwork by I. Jovanovic

Logo by C. Szpajdel

Graphic Design by S. Davis

All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Remember That You Will Die Australia

A contumelious derealisation.


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Track Name: Despoliation
Addicted to demise
Endless grey murk
Sat heavy upon undulation

The hominid weaklings
Fail to perceive, fail to act

A simulacrum of virtuousness

The stone is cast
Vapour writhes in its wake

A surface seething gently
Dark emerald and sickly pale
Far below that, anguish
Crisis surges from the depths

Seasons whirl
Gradually blackening
The process accelerates
Action and reaction

Inviting to despoiling

You claim 'eerie prescience':
I laugh at your aggrandisement
Things have always been thus
You just failed to notice until now

If I said that existence is Cartesian
You would say: no, my experience is not
If I am bereft, a new lover does
Not make me who I was before

Bone dice have been rolled
Reversal is impossible
Forfeited mechanism
The arrow’s oncoming
Or poisoned boulder
Picking up speed
Your self-deceit punished
By inexorable energy

Your preference is of no consequence
The skeins have been plotted

When this has been expropriated
And all has been expropriated
And your endowment has been abolished
Then you will know the wealth of my cruelty

Lyrics (c) D. Nahum 2016 
Track Name: Landschaft
Undulating black globe
Soaked in filthgiving mist
Unending trails, grey grass
Amber sings on velvety black

Phobos transpiring
This enclosing openness
Stretching a ox hide tent
Across an infinite space

Caves open to plains
This has always been the way
We are recalling now
This is sacrificial land

Beneath burdened brow
An empty cavity
A burning ox heart lies
Upon a soggy field

Stinging smoke wafts across
Overwhelming the damp air

Distantly, a voice ululating
From beneath a twisting arch
Too distant; distorted
By elements and time

"These imposters sold charms that made people invulnerable in warfare and fortunate in hunting and preserved them from all danger"
(Charles-Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg)

The homeostasis of a species
Like a pendulum knocking
And then overcompensating

Artificial magnificence
Godlike reconstructionism
Beneath uncaring whims
A Minotaur with impunity

This cycle unwinding:
Irrefragable but undefinable

(c) D. Nahum 2016
Track Name: Exultation
I reached toward obscure galaxies
Lifting my fingers to the sky
Like a lone, wizened tree

Amnesia's totem
Black sigils carved
Monstrous in scope:
Visible from space
Nightborne cities of gold
Ice and concrete
They can wither
And be overrun

Cloaked by an aura:
I know I will die
Utter powerlessness

Constellations awry
A nauseating spiral
From well to well

But here, in the ephemeral
I cannot see far
Surrounded by immediacy
Myopia unbound
Here, in the ephemeral
I cannot see straight
Existence in worthless chunks
Intuition scratched aside

A flint dagger, once used to pry
Now used to obscure and maim
I point accusingly at the uncaring sky

Eschatological exceptionalism
For a brief moment, I forget that I will die
A contumelious de-realisation

An ex cathedra credo of deep power
(Simultaneously, shortsighted onanism)

(c) D. Nahum 2016
Track Name: Estuary
Opening, flight
Corridors end in doorways
Above plateaus
Everything is apocalypse
Branches angular
Perpendicular to mud
Burning fitfully
A pall of smoke, lightless

Once creek, today mere gulch
Wetland sodden; cracked grey now
The bones of flightless birds
Thoughtlessly scattered

Parched in the dry season
Drowned in the wet season
It was not always thus

Invidious one
You unwittingly seek
Profound fire
A primitive alchemy


This grove has dried and died
With time it will crumble altogether
The completion of life

Logos spermatikos
Departure and return
A course of filth
The cycle of the wyrm
Grandiose hideousness
Winter trees aching
A spring ratcheted to
Near breaking

(c) D. Nahum 2016